[Magdalena “Menon“]
* Archangel 23 February 1757
gestorben at Bückeburg 4 Januar 1825
1775 Heiress to the properties ofr Zierow and Rethwisch

verh at 14. April 1776 to
Adrian Wilhelm Pauli,

Lord of Rondeshagen
, Ratsherr

from 16 November 1775 until good-bye on 15 Dezember 1802 Swedish Agent(= Consul) at Lübeck.
* 10 February 1749 at Lübeck,
gestorben 28 January 1815

Lord of  Rondeshagen (duchy Lauenburg)

Numerous descendants, predominantly in the Hanseatic Cities and Lower Saxony.

1) In the substantial writings which deal with the social, cultural and political life of the Neumühlener und Flottbeker circles, “Pauli“ (Baron Voght writes to “Agent Pauli“) is frequently mentioned.
2) Fritz Ernst, of Goethe’s circle of friends, Eugen Rentsch Verlag Erlenbach-Zürich, 1941, Pg. 14, 77. Also mentioned by Surkamp-Verlag Berlin-Frankfurt 1955, Pg. 8 ff (re. Episode Heinrich Julius von Lindau./.Manon Poel)
3) Casper Voght and his Hamburg circle, Hans Christian Verlag, Hamburg, Vol. I 1959, Letters to Magdalena Pauli née Poel (1792 – 1821) Vol. II 1964, Letters to Johanna Margaretha Sieveking née Reimarus (1785 – 1812)

father: Jacobus Poel
silbings: [1] Arnold ::::[1] Jan ::::[2] Rutger ::::[2] Jacoba ::::[2] Pieter::::[2] David

children: Dina Emilie, Sophia Luise, Carl Wilhelm