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Fregatte “Peter und Paul”
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Peter und Paul

Peter und Paul - Storck, Abraham (1635 -1710)

Peter en Paul

A drawing by Abraham Storck of the Frigate

Seen on the left below is Peter the Great on the afterdeck of a rowing boat. Ned. Scheepvaart Museum, Amsterdam

Tsar Peter the Great was the founder of the Russian Navy, and visited Holland and England with the intention to gain practical experience in ship building. In
the year 1697 he asked to be employed with the Dutch-East India-Company as a trainee ship’s carpenter and he worked in the project of the large frigate
“Peter and Paul” which was so launched and named after the Tsar.
The testimonial was written by Gerrit Claesz. P o o l



Zar Peter the Great viewing the model

Peter I. travelled from Holland to England where he studied in Deptford the theory of shipbuilding.

The main dimensions and armament of the frigate “Peter and Paul”
Length from stem to stem (length overall) 27,3 m
Width 7,2 m, depth 2,75 m
Sail area 490 m², armament: 22 cannons”