* in Holland 1712
(Birth date and place not confirmed); reformed.
Raised inLeiden. Merchant in St. Petersburg and Archangel.
Advisor and Councillor of Commerce to the Grand Duke and the Imperial Court.

died25. September 1775.
in Zierow (Mecklenburg) and
begraben 25. September 1775 in Proseken.

Großfürstlicher und kaiserlicher Hof- und Kommerzienrat

As previously mentioned, Jacobus had been raised inLeiden and was at the boarding school of Mr. Luzac, the owner of the French newspaper in Leiden. He obtained a decent education, and spoke nearly all European languages fluently: fluent in Dutch and Russian, also in German, but particularly Dutch as the language of “the Educated”. Jacobus learned the “business“ at the van Brienen Company inSt. Petersburg, whose partner he later became, he was director of the Archangel, facility, where he earned a substantial fortune. In St. Petersburg he particularly enjoyed the grace of Grand Duke (successor) Peter,, whose Advisor he was. After the death of his first wife with whom he had two sons, he married Magdalena van Brienen and had five more children with her. Son Pieter, born in 1760, was the Grand Duke’s godson. When Peter III, began his reign in 1762, he wished to use Jacobus in his duchy Holstein for matters of Gottorp assets and in connection with the canalisation project he oversaw, and ordered him to liquidate his business. No sooner had this been completed when the Emperor was overthrown (murdered on 17 July 1762). Jacobus did not want to remain in Russia and moved his family to Hamburg, while immediacy as to the empire from the house of Gottorp and Denmark was not legally recognized until the Gottorp Agreement of 27 May 1768.

In Hamburg Jacobus’ second wife died. In 1766 he purchased the Mecklenburg counties, the properties of Zierow, Rethwisch, Rastorf and Naudien in the so-called Klützer Winkel , and other property in Mecklenburg. During the summer months he primarily lived on Zierow , in the winter in Hamburg, at first “auf den Bleichen”, later on “Wandrahm”, where he kept a large house. (His four-horse coach caused quite a stir in Hamburg!) In 1767 he married a third time, but was widowed once again after two years (the third marriage produced no children). After his death in September 1775 his daughter Magdalena received the Zierow and Rethwisch properties and his son Pieter received Rastorf and Naudien.

married 1.
N.N. Meyer from St. Petersburg.

married 2.
Archangel around 1750, definitely prior to 1753, with
Magdalena van B r i e n e n.
Birth date and place unknown.
begraben at 8. Oktober 1763 Hamburg, Dom,
Church Records in St. Petri: “Ring bell twice”)
Magdalena was
the daughter of the merchant Rutger van Brienen in St. Petersburg (confirmed in Hamburg, Reformed Church 1684), 1725 and 1745 Elder of the Reformed Church at Archangel.

married 3.
Hamburg, Chapel of the German Reformed Community, 6 August 1767 to
Judith Schreur van Hoghenstein,
widow of Royal Prussian Court Counsillor and Mint Officer Charles Sarry in Berlin (for further details, see Pictures from the Past, Volume I).
died12 February 1769, in Hamburg ,
begraben at Dom 16 February
(Entries also found in the French Reformed Church; Records St. Petri Church).


Da nur sein Sohn Pieter männliche (Poels) hatte, und zwar Pieter (1.Linie) und Gustav (2.Linie), teilt sich die Familie auf diese beiden Linien

father:Jan P o o l
silbings: N.N. Poel::::Wendelina Poel
children: [1] Arnold ::::[1] Jan ::::[2] Rutger ::::[2] Jacoba ::::[2] Magdalena :::[2] Piter::::[2] David